Monday, February 14, 2011

Nice Bonsai Seeds photos

Check out these bonsai seeds images:

Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)
bonsai seeds

Image by cliff1066™
Style: Informal Upright
Natural Habitat: Forest
Estimated Age: 35 years
Time in Training: 15 years
Source of Plant: Seed
Source of Pot: Korean

bonsai seeds

Image by ragesoss
Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica) – group style

Donated by Jim Ransohoff.

Styled in 1959 from small seedlings, this is a group of cedars native to the Atlas Mountains of far northwestern Africa. Note that the trees have different characteristics, indicating that they came from different parents, not just one seed tree.

Need to know
bonsai seeds

Image by H2O Alchemist
OK – a challenge to you all – I’m trying to discover what tree this comes from – I have my suspicions but have been unable to confirm so far.

My other hobby is bonsai’s – and if this is from the tree I think it is I’m keen to grow and Bonsai it

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